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Quarantine children’s room decoration ideas to keep kids engaged


Across the world, due to the spread of corona virus disease and the quarantine, the children sitting at home and the stop of kindergartens and schools led the parents to search for ways and strategies to deal with the current situation, in order to benefit from it on the one hand, and to preserve the psyche of children on the other hand. This represented a desperate need to occupy children’s time and direct their energies with everything new and useful and also be far from phones, the Internet and electronic games because they negatively affect children’s health and their social skills. This means parents have had to rethink the way they use certain spaces to make children enjoy their time at home and to allow them to do activities that break the home routine. So here are 8 decoration ideas for children while you are at home during the quarantine:

1[1] Tent bed design

By tinylandus.com

This designTent bed design is very popular within the 2017 children’s bedroom decorations; it can be adopted for both the boy and the girl. Children usually like this idea because they love to feel independent and to have some privacy even in their room.

There are models and shapes of small tents available in the markets for children to play inside; as it is possible to convert a curtain installed in the corner of the room into a tent that covers different parts of the room according to the child’s desire, or it can be adopted on the bed or on a soft mattress on the floor; it all depends on the room surface. This way, they would spend more time in their room without getting bored.

2[2] A book gallery in the corner of the room

It is essential to stimulate and motivate children to read since the very young age and to create the appropriate atmosphere for that in their room, by placing a small tent in the corner of the room filling it with books, or you can re-use old car tires and convert them into child seats after painting them in bright colors, additionally to decorating the walls with colorful books on shelves with different shapes. This is a beautiful design for the room, and it gives the child the will to discover the books and to read them.

3[3] The small inflatable swimming pools

Also called “kiddie pools”, inflatable pools can be ideal objects to make kids quarantine more fun. Available in every size, every color, and many stores, it is possible to set up pools in rooms, gardens, or even terraces. Children can fill up their pool with small balls, toys, or even water; if the pool is installed outside, when the weather permits to. They can create many adventures, and increase their creativity and imagination with inflatable pools.

4[4] Individual children’s swing

Swings are one of favorite children activities; it is common for a kid to play with swings in parks. But with the quarantine, and since public places are closed, they can have their own swings at home. You need to measure perfectly between two poles, to tie a wooden board to ropes, in addition to a good emplacement; installing swings would be easy in gardens. This will liven up children’s afternoons; even pets would love to play with it. This method works even for the small houses in the children room because it does not take any place. It is one of the most popular kid’s room decorations this year.

5[5] A mini trampoline

Trampoline is one of the favorite entertainment tools for children, as they tend to play games that contain movement and excitement. It is used as a sport and not just an entertainment tool, thus combining fun and benefit at the same time for your child, so they can spend the longest time possible in it without feeling bored.

It is recommended for those who have a spacious kids’ room or gardens. There are special models of trampolines, designed specifically for young children. In shape, they resemble squares. But you can also find specific shapes for small houses.

6[6] A Toddler bed with slide , Loft Bed with Slide or a removable bracket for the stairs

By noaandnani.co.uk

Children use furniture in their own room for their games, so modern designers decided to create a simple skating game, which can be provided inside the child’s bedroom with different models and shapes to give practical functions and pleases the child. This unique idea provides an atmosphere of fun for your child; either he comes down from his bed on the ladder or on the slide.

Moreover; for houses with floors, it is possible to metamorphose the boring stairs, by combining the staircase and the slide and opt for a two-in-one combo. You can also buy a folding slide, which can be installed on top of the stairs. A cardboard box from a flat TV screen can also be used. Children can have fun safely, and forget about their boredom.

7[7] A wall in a form of a blackboard DIY Chalkboard Wall

By motherandbaby.co.uk

How many times have you advised your child not to paint on the walls of the house, and how much time have you spent cleaning what he already painted on the walls! In an attempt to avoid this problem and at the same time to give your child freedom and space to express himself, especially if he loves the art of drawing and planning; you can allocate for him a wall for painting in his room. All you need to do is to paint the wall with a dark color and let his imagination run wild, or have fun painting with him. If chalk dust is too messy, try whiteboard, which has the same function but with a cleanable surface for washable markers. This will mean a lot to the child (DIY Chalkboard Wall) .

8[8] Corner for climbing

By notapaperhouse.com

There is no child in the world who has not bragged about his ability to climb between room doors, but that can sometimes put him in danger, so the climbing wall sounds like a brilliant idea. Children will enjoy it very much, and it will also help to positively release the child’s extra energy. It carries a lot of benefits for the child; it makes the child plan to use his body parts and use his movement in a logical and correct manner; it strengthens the muscles of the feet and legs, which a person relies on for gradual elevation and lot of other things. Furthermore, it does not require any space.


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