Wood Sink For A Natural Touch

By alegna.ch

Wooden sinks have a unique and natural look. As wood has good insulation properties, your dishwater will stay warmer for a long time. But wooden sinks can be expensive if it is made with the best quality. Some wood contain antiseptic properties to prevent mold and germs.

Wood sinks were the first sinks to appear. Baths were made with natural teak, which is chosen because of its natural waterproofing components –leading to its use since hundreds years in the marine industry. Teak has also natural antiseptic, which is good for baths and sinks. 

Here’s a few  wooden sinks to inspire you

[1] Bagno che non c’è

wood skin
By matteothun.com

Designed by Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez water-resistant light larch wood creates a natural feel.


wood sink water resistant
By matteothun.com

Link To

[2] Carved wood sink

By pliscanto.com

[3] Classic style wood sink

Classic Style wood sink

[4] LAGUNA PURE washbasins wood sink

By alegna.ch

[5] Cone Invi wood sink

By woodbasin.de


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