Quarantine children’s room decoration ideas to keep kids engaged


Across the world, due to the spread of corona virus disease and the quarantine, the children sitting at home and the stop of kindergartens and schools led the parents to search for ways and strategies to deal with the current situation, in order to benefit from it on the one hand, and to preserve the psyche of children on the other hand. This represented a desperate need to occupy children’s time and direct their energies with everything new and useful and also be far from phones, the Internet and electronic games because they negatively affect children’s health and their social skills. This means parents have had to rethink the way they use certain spaces to make children enjoy their time at home and to allow them to do activities that break the home routine. So here are 8 decoration ideas for children while you are at home during the quarantine:


[2] A book gallery in the corner of the room

It is essential to stimulate and motivate children to read since the very young age and to create the appropriate atmosphere for that in their room, by placing a small tent in the corner of the room filling it with books, or you can re-use old car tires and convert them into child seats after painting them in bright colors, additionally to decorating the walls with colorful books on shelves with different shapes. This is a beautiful design for the room, and it gives the child the will to discover the books and to read them.



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